Social Media Review

Are you:

  • Struggling with promoting your business using Social Media?
  • Questioning if what you’re putting out into the online world is actually providing your business any benefit? (attracting new customers, retaining existing customers)
  • Currently having staff members post to your business social media accounts, but you’re not sure if they necessarily know what they’re doing?
  • Feeling stuck with how to optimize your social media and make sure you are taking full advantage of this networking opportunity?  
  • Wanting a review of what you are currently doing to make sure you are on the right track?

The perfect solution to your social media struggles.

There are many different approaches to social media out there, and there are definitely some things that can be optimized to save you time (and money).  If you feel like you are running in circles with social media and not getting the results you think you should, it may be time for a social media review.

What You'll Get

A written assessment of your social sites that includes:

  • Social Inventory and Checklist that shows what you need to correct in an easy visual format
  • Written analysis on what is working well for you and what isn’t
  • Recommendations of specific things to change
  • Research into your competitors with what is working for them with specific examples

After this is completed, we will have a 1/2 hour consultation (via Skype or Phone) scheduled at your convenience to talk about my findings and answer any questions you might have on the findings and implementation of the review.

You can get as many sites reviewed as you would like.

Social Media Review 1-2 Sites:  $200 CAD

Social Media Review 3-6 Sites:  $400 CAD

If you are interested in a deeper, more comprehensive strategy, check out my other services.

Your sanity is waiting.

Remove the guesswork with your social media.